Ambezim G tablets 30’s

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Ambezim G tablets 30’s


Ambezim G tablets 30’s contains trypsin and chymotrypsin pancreatic enzymes which are administered in a form and dosage favoring an adequate absorption from the intestinal tract.

Ambezim-G reduces the intensity of inflammation attenuates the pain helps in the resolution of oedema exudate.

It favours the penetration of antibacterial agents in the affected areas.

Ambezim G tablets 30’s is therefore useful in infective and traumatic conditions accompanied by a local inflammatory reaction

where it will accelerate recovery limit fibrosis and adhesions. Trypsin and chymotrypsin are absorbed after oral dosage administration.

  • They are formulated as enteric coated tablets to resist gastric juice but dissolve in the higher pH of the small intestine & release the dose of enzyme at this point. Indications: Resorption of post-traumatic & post-operative oedema and exudate.

Adjunctive therapy in localised inflammatory conditions such as: Phlebitis thrombophlebitis decubitus ulcers.