Accu chek Instant 50 strips


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Product Description

Accu chek Instant 50 strips is a blood glucose meter. It checks blood glucose values of diabetic patients. It is accurate and gives the results in few seconds. Also, one can download the results to a PC using the Continua interface.

  • Features:
    Handy top dosing:
    The large test pad is easy to find and to fill even for people who are visually or physically impaired.
    Also, special situations (e.g. hypos) do not cause handling problems.
    Easy to handle:
    The large size of the test strip itself makes it easy to grasp, hold, insert into the meter and discard.
    Flexible – thanks to out-of-meter dosing and
    AST options:The Accu-Chek Active test strip can be dosed outside the monitor.
    This and the fact that only1-2μL blood are required,
    make AST testing comfortable and convenient.

Check your blood glucose level at home with this pack of 50 Instant test strips designed for Accu-Chek Instant glucometer. Simple and effective, these test strips will help you regularly keep tabs on diabetes.

Improved trusted strips technology with safety checks and consistent accuracy. Safety checks are made for temperature, humidity, damage, presence of maltose.