Proper nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balanced diet.

What you eat will impact your general health today and in the future. COVID-19 has brought upon us a disruption of our daily routine and lifestyle, which may have had a negative impact on so many people. Through technology, we have added a feature to our website where you can quickly and conveniently consult a Nutritionist who will work with you and help you tailor-make a meal plan which will help you achieve any of your health goals which could be;

1. Reach a healthy weight for your body type.
2. Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.
3. Managing diabetes through diet
4. Manage/prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases, i.e., obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc

Enter>> #Betty_Okere.
Betty is a registered clinical Nutritionist & a Diabetes Educator with over ten years of experience. Holds an MPH from Mount Kenya University, post-graduate Certificate in Health Protection from the University of Cork Ireland, and Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes from University of South Wales (UK). Betty runs private nutrition consultancy and consultations in various diabetes centers.

We are currently running an introductory fee of Kes. 500/-./or Anyone who wants to book an appointment. The consultation with Betty will be on a Video call. To book your appointment, click the “TALK TO OUR NUTRITIONIST” part on our website and do it in 2 simple steps.


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