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Timothy Johana Njeru

October 03, 2018

My journey with Diabetes

I realized am Diabetic in the year 2004. That time I was on glibenclimide tablets. I used to take it lightly because I could not feel the effect. Some two years later I was introduced to mixtard since the Dr saw my sugars were still high. That time I was married although my wife then, started complaining coz of numerous injections I was using. To please her I stopped the injections. This one added some more problems. I started to develop wounds which couldn't heal.

I went to hospital once more and put to insulin once more. In 2010 my wife left. I continued with insulin Although a year later developed a wound which led to amputation of my right leg in June this year at an age of 44 years. Being jobless it is very challenging with an Amputated leg but I keep soldering on and looking at life from the positive side.

What is your story? #WorldDiabetesDayNov14 #DiabetesAwareness

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