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Pollete Mnaji

October 03, 2018

I am 21 years old am a type one diabetic ...my journey with diabetes began not long ago but last year 2016 october ...when i was forced by some friends to take the test..at church where agha khan were doing free general check ups...before i realised that the weird symptoms i was having and ignoring were signs of diabetes the frequent night urinations the thirst ....abdominal pains ...i went to several doctors and fbs before i finally met a diabetologist at Nairobi hospital who examined me and made a understand and accept my condition. At first i was resistant to insulin and it was hard for me to adjust to the new diet since am still young and like eating and hanging out with friends...

It was hard when i had to change my diet and my siblings and mother were not happy about it because they also had to adjust but after sometime....they had to eat their own diet....and i eat my own different type of food because they couldnt keep up with mine and there's always alot of temptations around me It'ss also challenging and emotionally draining because i have been loosing alot of weight from 61.2 to 48 currently working on some weight gain...for the past two months i had neglected my insulin and went on some tabs called C24/7 was told cures diabetes but it didn't do me much good....so i embarked on using insulin.....hoping i will get stronger and fight this battle.......

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