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Joyce Shitanda

October 03, 2018

I am Joyce Shitanda 29. Started suffering back in 2010 but diagnosed in 2012 after I learnt about my condition in a course book was using to teach about lifestyle related diseases. It was hard for me, never accepted the situation. Tried suicide twice but it never ended my life. Can't remember the name of insulin, but was slow in reaction was asked to be taking 20 units but thought it would be better for me to take 200 units and never to wake up but thank God I never died though was much affected. I got married in the same year 2012 though the villagers used to rumour how I was #HIV #positive some said had been continuously aborting and would never bear children. I really wanted to disapprove them but Satan overpowered me and gave them reason to talk and ridicule me.

After two years in marriage I finally got pregnant. We were so happy looking forward to disapprove people. Unfortunately the life of the unborn ended at 9 weeks. It was on a weekend and had to stay for 3 days before being attended to. I was in pain and it was so traumatizing. Blood pressure rose, sugars dropped and had to spent days in hospital. The gynecologist introduced me to some tabs which led to weight gain. Unfortunately years have passed with no child but one thing I've come to learn is to love myself and take care of it. I have got a challenge with purchasing my insulin for no single chemist in my locality has insulin or even the fine pen needles. People too are still ignorant and can't imagine a young lady suffering from diabetics. I am diabetic, but it's just a condition and not a disease. Yes I tried to end my life twice but now I value it more.

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