The present general T&C are applicable to all persons in the possession of a DIABUDDY CARD and exclusively govern the contractual relation between the CUSTOMER and the Diabetes Management Resource Center.


The card is issued to natural persons by DMRC for annual fee according to the package subscribed. The card is strictly personal and non-transferable. The card remains the property of DMRC at all times and can be reclaimed from the customer on first request. The validity period of the card is 12 months and renewal is at the sole discretion of DMC subject to new terms and conditions as there may be from time to time. DMRC reserves the right to refuse entry to the Loyalty Programme without stating a justification, and the right is not to active the card.


Purchase made by a customer without presentation of the card give no entitlement to any benefits of the card. Any misuse of the card leads to immediate and definitive disqualification for any further membership or use of the card.

The benefits-

  1. – Get discounts on all your medications (You can only purchase a month’s dosage of drugs for yourself once each month)
  2. – Free annual reviews
  3. – Annual lab tests including; Liver, cholesterol, Urine and Kidney tests
  4. – Free HBA1c tests in a year
  5. – Free delivery each month
  6. – Annual nutritional reviews


Customers who attempt to obtain or have obtained benefits from the card by providing false information, or in another improper or fraudulent way, are liable for any resulting damage. Once you complete signing up online DMRC will create a physical card which you will use to identify yourself with when calling or visiting the pharmacy.

The customer shall take all reasonable and necessary precautions to prevent and detect any unauthorized use of card. The customer shall inform DMRC in the case of loss or theft of the card within 30 Days. Loss of card attracts a cost of Kenyan Shillings One Thousand (Ksh.1000) for the replacement.


Membership can be ended by the customer at any time by sending a Notice to the DMRS’s registered office. DMRC reserves the right to immediately, at its discretion, revoke or discontinue the card, as a result of which the membership is suspended or completely terminated, without the need for any justification.

DMRC reserves the right to terminate the card for whatever reason and shall serve a notice to it’s customers on the said termination.

If the card is terminated, the customer will not be entitled to any refund.